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If you’ve been blessed with grandchildren, you know how exciting it is to see them grow up. I see it in the eyes of my clients, as their family assembles for a multigenerational family portrait. There’s an excitement in the air, as everyone comes together.

Full Family portrait Capturing that moment in a family portrait is priceless. It’s one of the reasons I became a professional photographer. Knowing that every family member will always look at the portrait and say to themselves something to the effect of “It was such a great idea to have that portrait done. That was a special moment in our family’s history…”

Kids grow up fast. Time flies by, and before we know it, moments we wish we had captured as photographs are gone.

Memories fade, but a multigenerational family portrait brings back those memories in a heartbeat.

It’s one of the main reasons why my clients tell me that their family portraits are some of their most prized possessions.

The Photographer You Choose Should Care About YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR MEMORIES.

Lawrence Clemen
Hi, I’m Lawrence Clemen.

For the past 30+ years I’ve had the privilege of photographing the special moments in the lives of my clients. From family portraits, to engagements, weddings, newborns, children and business portraits my goal has been and will always be to capture the essence of each individual’s personality.

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I’m passionate about creating beautiful portraits.


There’s magic in a carefully crafted image. For those in the photograph and their loved ones, there’s a connection to time, place and memory, that just can’t be captured any other way.
A professional portrait that shows each person looking their very, very best creates memories that will last a lifetime.

My parents never had a professional portrait done of our family while I was growing up. Even now, I would give anything to have a portrait of my parents, my siblings and myself. Memories fade, but can be brought back to life, smiles generated, just by looking at a photograph that has special meaning.

What About Locations, What Clothes to Wear, etc.?

Great family portraits don’t just happen by getting everyone to stand in front of a camera. There’s planning involved. Prior to the day of the photography session, I’ll guide you through the entire process, listen to your input and suggest a location, clothing, makeup, etc.

It’s all part of creating a great portrait, and there’s no extra charge for this personal, one-on-one consultation.

A Family Portrait is Something You Deserve

Is there a perfect time for a multigenerational family portrait? The answer is yes, and that time is now.

You’ve likely experienced it yourself and asked “where does the time go?”. Pick any period in your life and what seems like weeks or mere months is actually years. Think back on teaching your child to learn how to ride a bike, it doesn’t seem that long ago, and now they may have already moved out of the house to start a family of their own.

So yes the time is now. Don’t put this off, before everything has changed, and you regret not having taken time to capture the joy of seeing your family grow up.

You're completely covered with my 100% Guarantee

You’ll have to look far and wide to find another photographer in Montreal who stands behind their work the way I do. I want you to be thrilled with the final photographs or you don’t pay me anything.

The perfect family portrait is only one phone call away.
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It will be a call you will be glad you made for the rest of your life. I look forward to hearing from you.


Lawrence Clemen